Visibility. Insight. Security.

The Era of Network Intelligence is Dawning

Analyze the Network From the Inside.

Detect and Visually Explore Threats.

Improve Forensic Insights

Capture all network traffic like a network DVR, with interactive visualization and forensic reconstruction.

Save Valuable Time to Detection

Proactively analyze the “right things” by leveraging signals intelligence and deep learning to identify and escalate high priority risks and threats.

Develop Proactive Detection

Adapt your security fabric, by learning from machine data and security analyst feedback, thus scaling your security team’s expertise.

Edge To Edge Network Intelligence

The security demands on your network are higher than ever: Untrusted BYOD mobile devices, cloud computing, and targeted attacks. Your security posture should evolve to meet these new demands, which requires insight and adaptive detection for all activities, not just a subset at the perimeter.

SignalSense opens up edge to edge network intelligence to identify and understand security threats, reducing time to detection and remediation.


SignalSense captures and stores full packets from a network switch’s SPAN port or network tap. Continuously monitoring the full context of interactions between endpoints enables and expedites threat detection, saving time for forensic investigation.


SignalSense enriches captured network data with passive and active monitoring to fingerprint devices, add known threat metadata, and geo-locate. Captured data informs a Network Interaction Graph that powers deep automated analysis and fast, targeted forensic visualizations.


SignalSense performs automated analytics and runs machine-learning based models based on the enriched Network Interaction Graph to detect known and unknown threats. To improve the accuracy of security threat detection, SignalSense taps into the power of Deep Learning, the same technology which is revolutionizing computer vision and speech recognition.


SignalSense consolidates threat alerts and provides rich visualizations on the Network Integration Graph to aid in identifying and investigating threats. A comprehensive browser-based console saves time in scoping the extent of possible compromises.