Visibility. Insight. Security.

The Era of Network Intelligence is Dawning

Analyze the Network From the Inside.

Detect and Visually Explore Threats.

Reduced Time To Remediation

In minutes, SignalSense detects threats that can go unnoticed for months, leaving your infrastructure and data vulnerable to compromise and exfiltration. By providing detailed forensics, SignalSense saves security professionals crucial time in the discovery and scoping process.

Full context monitoring of traffic, devices, locations, and services provides a far broader perspective than perimeter defense, specifically attacks that are designed to bypass traditional signature-based detection techniques, which fail to detect most unknown threats and risks.

Proactive Detection

Protect against targeted attacks that circumvent signature-based tools by tracking and analyzing network traffic patterns, data transfers, and endpoint activity.

Machine Learning algorithms use metadata to develop in-depth profiles based on usage patterns. Profiles are then leveraged to detect anomalies based on statistical inference generating a greater depth of detection.

Adaptive Defense

Using Machine Learning, SignalSense continually learns from captured data and adapts to meet the changing threat environment. Detection is based on network behavior patterns, not brittle signatures.

The more threat examples the system processes, the better it gets at identifying similar but evolved threats.

Network Security Insights

Full-packet capture and storage of network traffic at up to 1-gigabit speeds captures the detailed behavior of attacks and already-compromised machines.

Quickly capture, correlate, and categorize network events.

The SignalSense sensor keeps full packet data for analytics and incident investigation, cutting days or weeks from incident investigations that must start collecting data from scratch with limited or disparate data sources.

Analytics Platform

SignalSense is built as a big data analytics platform using NoSQL technologies together with SSDs and GPUs for high performance computing. Captured network traffic is enriched with the output of analytical models, passively observed network events, and external threat intelligence feeds.

Using this platform, SignalSense uses behavioral patterns to quickly identify deviations from baselines and flags potential threats at multiple levels – packets, flows, devices, and network protocols.

Compliance Monitoring

Many industry regulations (HIPAA, PCI) require a “continuous monitoring” solution with the potential for fines due to non-compliance.

The enormous risk of brand damage from data breaches demands more than a minimal solution. SignalSense moves beyond intermittent audits and high level security metrics & controls to detailed network analytics and behavioral analysis that is effective at exposing risks before they become breaches.

Edge To Edge Network Intelligence

The security demands on your network are higher than ever: Untrusted BYOD mobile devices, cloud computing, and targeted attacks. Your security posture should evolve to meet these new demands, which requires insight and adaptive detection for all activities, not just a subset at the perimeter.

SignalSense opens up edge to edge network intelligence to identify and understand security threats, reducing time to detection and remediation.


SignalSense captures and stores full packets from a network switch’s SPAN port or network tap. Continuously monitoring the full context of interactions between endpoints enables and expedites threat detection, saving time for forensic investigation.


SignalSense enriches captured network data with passive and active monitoring to fingerprint devices, add known threat metadata, and geo-locate. Captured data informs a Network Interaction Graph that powers deep automated analysis and fast, targeted forensic visualizations.


SignalSense performs automated analytics and runs machine-learning based models based on the enriched Network Interaction Graph to detect known and unknown threats. To improve the accuracy of security threat detection, SignalSense taps into the power of Deep Learning, the same technology which is revolutionizing computer vision and speech recognition.


SignalSense consolidates threat alerts and provides rich visualizations on the Network Integration Graph to aid in identifying and investigating threats. A comprehensive browser-based console saves time in scoping the extent of possible compromises.